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Officials Report Number of Suicides In Japan Increases Than Last Year

Japan is one of the countries which have a high rate of suicidal cases. This is because, in Japan, people have to cope with a high cost of living. They have to grab every opportunity that offers economic stability in their life. Thus, the Japanese need to fight for their life.

Adding to that, the pandemic has made the situation worst. Many people are losing their job now and currently living in uncertainties. They do not only feel depressed because of problems in money but also in lifestyle changes. This has increased the number of people who are experiencing anxiety and depression.

In August alone, about 1,849 people committed suicide across Japan, report the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. This number shows 15.3 percent more than the same time last year.

The number of women is 186 more than last year compared to 60 men. The city with the highest cases is in Tokyo with 119 people committed suicide. The increasing number of people committed suicide raised concerns among the officials as the country managed to record the lowest number of cases last year.

The officials are still analyzing whether the pandemic can be the reason for the cases to increase. They are urging people who have problems to contact them as they are providing consultation services to the people. An organization in Japan, Tell also provides free phone and chat counseling for the international community in Japan.

It is never too late to overcome the problem. Identify your family and friends who might need help in coping with the changes that are happening to the world right now. In Malaysia too, we have a lot of organizations that offer help to cope with depression and anxiety.


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