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San Remo “Spaghetti Lemak Bungkus” Recipe on Celebrating Malaysia Day

Nasi lemak is one of Malaysians’ main dishes for breakfast. This can be considered as a national cuisine and it can’t be separated from our life.

Malaysia is a multiracial country and has a lot of different customs and cultures from various ethnicities. Due to this, Malaysians can easily integrate other cultures too from other parts of the world. We can accept other cultures as long as it does not disturb the peace that we currently have.

Thus, San Remo Malaysia took the opportunity to share a unique nasi lemak recipe. For this time, we don’t use rice, but using spaghetti instead.

In commemorating Malaysia Day that happened every 16 September, the company famous for selling pasta integrating their product with our ever favorite dish, nasi lemak. San Remo shared its unique idea by cooking spaghetti the same way as we cook rice for nasi lemak. The spaghetti has to be cooked with water, coconut milk, pandan leaves, and salt, and bring it to boil.

Interestingly, San Remo served its spaghetti lemak bungkus the exact way we served nasi lemak. Every element in nasi lemak such as eggs, groundnuts, sliced cucumber, and dried anchovies are served together with the spaghetti. Not to forget, our favorite sambal as the main element in this nasi lemak spaghetti.

This recipe has received various reactions from Malaysians. Integrating elements of different cultures or also known as fusion cuisine is not something new in culinary around the world.

Source: San Remo Malaysia

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