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The Four Reasons Why McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better Than All Other Coke

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s Coca-Cola water tastes better than other carbonated drinking water?

These fast-food franchises seem to have their own secrets in maintaining their delicious food and beverage.

So what makes this McDonald’s Coca-Cola drinks so delicious and appreciated by many? Let’s reveal the secrets of McDonald’s Coca-Cola.

1. Coke Syrup Store In Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless Steel Tank, 304 and 316 Tanks for Beer, Wine, and More
Apparently, one of the things that makes this McDonald’s Coca-Cola water delicious is because the Coca-Cola syrup water is stored in a stainless steel tank.

The purpose of McDonald’s using this stainless steel tank is to maintain the freshness of the soda in the Coca-Cola water. When drinking it, the taste of the gas still exists, apparently for this reason.

2. Using the ‘Proper Filtration’ Method

This Coca-Cola syrup use the‘ proper filtration’ method to prepare the drinks to cool before being put into a soda tank.

This method sends Coca-Cola syrup liquid from the soda tank refrigerator by using an insulating infusion, this infusion maintains the coolness of the Coca-Cola syrup liquid and goes straight into the soda tank.

3. Coca-Cola Water Is Always Cooled

McDonald’s always makes sure Coca-Cola is always cold because when the drinks get cold it will trap soda gas in Coca-Cola water and at the same time keep Coca-Cola water constantly carbonated with soda gas.

So it is not surprising, when we drink Coca-Cola water we will feel a strong gas piercing into the throat.

4. Coca-Cola Syrup Ratio Maintained Neatly

To keep Coca-Cola water always tasty and delicious, McDonald’s takes great care of the Coca-Cola syrup ratio. The calculation of the ratio and ice in the drink is very important to maintain the delicious taste of Coca-Cola at all times. McDonald’s is really detailed in producing carbonated water for customers.

Does anyone crave to drink Coca-Cola water today?

Sources: Readers Digest

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