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5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Phone’s Battery And Charger

We are very particular in taking care of our phone. This is because our phone plays a big role in organizing our daily life. The most important thing about the phone to keep it functioning well is of course the battery. We sort of losing our life for that moment because we are cut off from the world.

There are several myths that we think could sustain the life of our battery which are actually wrong. Read up and analyze whether you have fallen into one of these myths.

Myth 1: I shouldn’t charge my phone overnight

We are aware of our phone could be overcharged. However, current technologies had prevented our phone from charging after it is full. Don’t worry to leave your phone to charge overnight as it will stop once it is full.

Myth 2: I need to charge my new phone fully before I use it

Not able to charge your new phone fully won’t affect its quality. Manufacturers or sellers are suggesting us to charge new devices fully so we will have a good impression on the first-time usage.

Myth 3: I shouldn’t charge my phone until it dies

Some of the older models have the issue of the batteries ‘forget’ their full capacity and they do not recharge to the same level as they were from the beginning. However, the issue has been solved by most brands and it is best to charge your phone before it reaches zero.

Myth 4: I should save money with an off-brand charger

A cheap charger might not have the standard voltage for it to fill your phone’s battery. In the worst cases, it could damage your battery. Instead of buying a cheap charger, spend some money to buy the manufacturer-certified charger.

Myth 5: Having Wifi searching is killing my battery

Your battery won’t drain too much when you turn on the Wifi. It does consume energy, but not that much of battery. You can just turn on the Wifi anytime you want.

Source: Reader’s Digest

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