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Check Before Using Or Eating Canned Food, Avoid These 3 Things – MOH

When it comes to food, people will be more careful, especially when it comes to frozen food or canned food. For everyone’s information, food canning is a method to preserve the food for a long time by packing it in an airtight container.

However, there are also some foods in cans that can cause various diseases because the methods used are incorrect.

Indirectly, it will cause difficulties for buyers. A post from the Ministry of Health Malaysia Food Safety and Quality Division shared information regarding three things to avoid before you take canned food.

Avoid the following:

1. Looks foamy, curled, and moldy

2. It smells bad or sour like a rotten egg

3. Taste is different from normal taste or has a bitter taste

If the contents of canned food show the above signs, it may have been contaminated with bacteria and contain toxins (toxic substances released by bacteria).

The community is also warned that it is only allowed to taste canned food if it ‘looks’ and ‘smells’ like regular food.

If it is really contaminated, avoid eating the food and you need to report and bring the canned food that has a code mark to the nearest Health Office.

Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia Food Safety and Quality Division

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