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Doraemon Ending’s Story “Stand By Me 2” Is Coming Out This 20th November

Since the release of “Stand By Me 1” that has attracted many people to be a fan of Doraemon series, a lot of people have been anticipating on what is the continuation of the movie. Many people really wanted to know what actually happens for the future of Doraemon, Nobita, and also other characters in the story. Worry no more, because the movie “Stand By Me 2” will be released on the 20th of November that will surely capture everyone’s interest.


The cast of this particular movie would be based on the movie “Stand By Me 1″. It would be Wasabi Mizuta as the voice of Doraemon, Megumi Oohara as the voice of Nobita when he is a child, Yumi Kakazu as the voice of Shizuka, Subaru Kimura as the voice of Giant, and also Tomokazu Seki as the voice of Suneo.

The difference that would be between ” Stand By Me 1″ and also the “Stand By Me 2” would be that there are going to be extra characters in the latter and that are Nobita when he is an adult and also Nobita’s grandmother. The cast would be Satoshi Tsumabuki as the voice of Nobita when he is an adult and Nobuko Miyamoto as the voice of Nobita’s grandmother.

The story of this specific movie would be solely based on the franchise’s 2000 film and that comes with the title of “Doraemon: A Grandmother’s Recollections”. Other than that original idea, they also added the elements of the love story between Shizuka and also Nobita that was also present in the movie “Stand By Me 1”. This particular movie titled “Stand By Me 2” was original to be released on the 7th of August but got delayed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This is the trailer released for the movie “Stand By Me 2”:

Sources: YouTube Doraemon The  Movie, Facebook Ekmal Fujiwara, Twitter Isskandar Ariffin.

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