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‘Gendut’ Might Take Tom Cruise’s Role As The Next Mission Impossible Actor

Mission Impossible
Pictures: TikTok @crownclown28, Pinterest

If you’ve ever watched any of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, you would know how action-pack and nerve-wracking it is. With all the jumping and bombs exploding, only the fittest can survive those challenges. We can safely say Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise’s character name) is an ironman in disguise. 

Fans are anticipating the upcoming two movies from this franchise; Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part I this year and Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part II scheduled in the summer of 2024. They are beyond excited to see the thrilling adventures Ethan will go through this time.

Mission Impossible

Picture: IMDb

Let’s say— if Tom Cruise stops doing this movie someday, the production must find a new lead actor, yes? Who are the candidates? You can name anyone, but we have one that perfectly suits the role.

Mission Impossible: The Start of ‘Gendut’

Gendut, a white cat with orange spots, might be the next Ethan Hunt. Or maybe his name would be Gendut Chase? 

Mission Impossible

Picture: TikTok @crownclown28

Some of his traits are:

  • Calculative
  • Smart
  • Speed
  • Cheeky
  • Brave
  • Cute

Gendut attacks when he feels threatened and hides when the enemy is near. He’s always hyperalert to his surroundings, making him a good agent. 

When @crownclown28 tries to find him, he disappears! But don’t be fooled! Gendut is standing in front of its owner, ready to catch them in the act!

Not only that, but Gendut can run faster than the speed of light. His agility makes it easier for him to catch those bad guys!

Plus point is his looks: come on, no one can deny his cuteness. He can easily get those pretty cats with his meow. Anyone will fall for his charms!


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♬ A cute song like a pet playing(1102403) – KosukeKawaguchi

Netizens can’t deny Gendut’s cute looks. He’s a definite eye candy, and Tom Cruise should feel challenged by Gendut at this point.

Mission Impossible

Picture: TikTok @crownclown28

Mission Impossible

Picture: TikTok @crownclown28

So, Paramount Pictures, if you’re thinking of a new Ethan Hunt for the next Mission Impossible, sign Gendut up. He’s more than ready to be in it!

Source: TikTok @crownclown28

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