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Parents Can Check On School Closure At MOE Portal

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8  — Parents, guardians, and school staff can refer to the Education Ministry’s (MOE) portal for the list of 142 schools in Klang that is closed beginning today until Oct 23, following the district’s status as a COVID-19 red zone.

MOE, in a statement today, said the list would be updated from time to time and uploaded at its portal and official social media platforms.

To date the primary schools involved are Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kapar; SK Bukit Kapar; SK Tok Muda; SK Sungai Serdang; SK Abdul Samat; SK Meru; SK Sungai Kapar Indah; SK Bukit Ceraka; SK Klang; SK Telok Gadong; SK Telok Menegon; SK Batu Belah; SK Rantau Panjang; SK Sementa; SK Sungai Binjai; SK Bukit Kuda; SK Kg Johan Setia; SK Kg Pendamar; SK Taman Klang Jaya; SK Telok Pulai; SK Sungai Udang; SK Taman Klang Utama; SK Kampung Jawa; SK Taman Sri Andalas; SK Taman Gembira; and SK Bukit Tinggi;

SK Meru (2);  SK Kampung Jawa 2; SK Batu Unjur; SK Methodist Acs; SK (1) Jalan Batu Tiga;  SK (2) Jalan Batu Tiga; SK Convent (1); SK Convent (2); SK La Salle; SK (1) Jalan Meru; SK (2) Jalan Meru; SK (P) Methodist; SK (P) Bukit Kuda; SK (1) Simpang Lima; SK (2) Simpang Lima; SK Pelabuhan Kelang; SK Pulau Indah; SK Kg Raja Uda; SK Pandamaran Jaya; SK Telok Gong; SK Pelabuhan Utara; SK Kampung Idaman; SK Pulau Indah (2); SK Methodist; SK Tengku Bendahara Azman (1); SK Tengku Bendahara Azman (2); and SK St Anne’s Convent.

For national secondary schools (SMK), they are SMK Tengku Idris Shah; SMK (P) Kapar; SMK Bukit Kapar; SMK Sungai Kapar Indah; SMK Raja Mahadi; SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah; SMK Sultan Abdul Samad; SMK Rantau Panjang; SMK Telok Gadong; SMK Sri Andalas; SMK Kampung Jawa; SMK Taman Klang Utama; SMK Shahbandaraya; and SMK Batu Unjur.

The list also includes SMK Bukit Tinggi Klang; SMK Methodist (ACS); SMK Convent; SMK Tinggi Klang; SMK Kwang Hua; SMK La Salle; SMK (P) Methodist; SMK (P) Bukit Kuda; SMK Meru; SMK Raja Lumu; SMK Tengku Ampuan Jemaah; SMK Pendamaran Jaya; SMK Bandar Baru Sultan Suleiman; SMK Dato Hamzah; SMK (P) Raja Zarina; SMK Pulau Ketam; and SMK Pulau Indah.

Also closed are the Chinese and Tamil national-type schools in the district.

The list of the Chinese national-type schools (SJKC) are SJKC Soo Jin; SJKC Ying Wah; SJKC Perempuan; SJKC Chuen Min; SJKC Hin Hua; SJKC Khe Beng; SJKC Kong Hoe; SJKC Pui Ying; SJKC Tiong Hua Kok Bin; SJKC Wu Teck; SJKC Pin Hwa (2); SJKC Taman Rashna; SJKC Hwa Lien; SJKC Keng Chee; SJKC Lee Min; SJKC Pandamaran ‘A’; SJKC Pandamaran ‘B’; SJKC Sin Bin; and SJKC Tshing Nian.

For the Tamil national-type schools (SJKT), they are SJKT Ladang Brafferton; SJKT Ladang Jalan Acob; SJKT Methodist; SJKT Ladang Batu Ampat; SJKT Ladang Bukit Rajah; SJKT Ladang Emerald; SJKT Ladang Highlands; SJKT Jalan Tepi Sungai; SJKT Jalan Meru; SJKT Simpang Lima; SJKT Ladang Vallambrosa; SJKT Taman Sentosa; SJKT Ladang North Hummock; and SJKT Persiaran Raja Muda Musa.

Also closed are Kolej Tingkatan Enam Sri Istana; Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi (SAMT) Sultan Hisamuddin; Sekolah Agama Menengah (SAM) Hisamuddin; SAM Nurul Iman; Kolej Vokasional Klang; and Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah.

A few private schools are also affected, namely Sekolah Sri Acmar (primary); Sekolah Rendah Sri Lethia; Sekolah Rendah Zenith; Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira’; Sekolah Rendah Hafiz; Sekolah Sri Acmar (Menengah); Sekolah Sri Lethia (Secondary); Sekolah Methodist Wesley Klang; Sekolah Menengah Zenith; Sekolah Menengah Hafiz; Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Kwang Hua; Sekolah Menengah Pin Hwa; Sekolah Menengah Hin Hua; Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Cina Chung Hua; Regent International School; Acmar International School; Regent International Secondary School; Sekolah Rendah Ibn Khaldun; and Sekolah Menengah Ibn Khaldun.

Sources: BERNAMA

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