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(Video) A Zoo Worker Gets Hand Trapped In Lion’s Mouth

Picture: Daily Mail

A frightening incident occurred when a zoo worker was injured after his hand was bitten by a lion. The unexpected incident happened at a zoo in Dakar, Senegal.

It is believed that at that time, the employee wanted to do a show to visitors at the zoo. A video managed to record the situation where his arm was almost ripped as the lion traps his arm in its mouth.

According to DailyMail, visitors at that time are panicking in the background, and some throw stones at the lion to free the man.

Before the incident occurred, the victim had stretched out his hand in the gap of the cage to touch the animal, but something unexpected happened after the lion had bitten the worker.

The victim tried to free his hand from the lion’s bite. However, he was lucky because his hand was released after several attempts.

Fortunately, the victim only suffered injuries to his arm. It is believed that the incident happened on February 23 and started spreading on social media recently.

Source: DailyMailGlobal Media Production

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