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Wife Experiencing Postpartum Depression? Here Are 9 Signs That Husbands Need To Be Aware

Most wives will inevitably experience postpartum depression, especially for those who are giving birth for the first time. It can be said that postpartum depression is a major form of depression that begins within 4 weeks after giving birth.

“Postpartum depression occurs due to many reasons including lack of support or attention from family members, especially husbands and fatigue in managing the household,” said the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) on its official Twitter page.

According to the MOH, the husband plays an important role in relieving the wife’s depression after childbirth by giving more attention and taking over or sharing doing housework.

People especially husbands need to know that there are some signs that show these wives are experiencing postpartum depression.

Here are the signs of postpartum depression:

  1. Prolonged feelings of sadness and low mood
  2. Tired, lethargic, and lifeless
  3. Feelings of self-harm
  4. Lack of self-confidence and hopelessness
  5. Sleep is often disturbed
  6. Lack of focus and memory
  7. Loss of interest and fun in doing work
  8.  Loss of appetite
  9. Often blame themselves and feel lacking

With the strong support of the husband and other close family members, postpartum depression faced by the wife can be cured in a short period of time.

Source: MOH, WebMD

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