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Interesting! These Are 7 Cartoon Houses That Were Really Built In Real Life!

We basically grew up with cartoons and comics, they have been with us since childhood. Back in the day, and maybe even now, we have always wanted to experience a day in their life. Now, after many years, we have finally gotten a chance to be in this fictional world! You can actually visit even the craziest ones like the life-size SpongeBob pineapple house and The Flintstones’ house.

Here is the list of homes of fantasy dreams that came true:

1) The Simpsons’ house

Pictures: Bright Side

In 1997, 20th Century Fox came up with a promotional idea to build a life-size, livable copy of The Simpsons’ house in Nevada, USA, to give as a prize in a contest. It cost about $120,000 to build the full-sized with the same features as its original version, both inside and out. However, the winner of the contest took the $75,000 cash prize instead of the house. So today, The Simpsons’ house is a property of the commercial real estate.

2) The house from the movie, Up

Pictures: Bright Side

A decade ago, the floating house from the Up movie, colorful and cute house was built in real life as the last wish for one little girl’s Make-a-Wish Foundation organization. It was designed according to the real house with accuracy and attention to every small detail. It is almost 100% similar to the fictional house, from the weather vane and the mailbox outside to the photos on the walls, the light switches, and floorboards inside. Today, the house in Utah and can be visited by tourists so everyone can take pictures and feel what it’s like to live a day in Carl and Ellie’s house.

3) SpongeBob’s pineapple house

Picture: Bright Side

Everyone sure knows the famous cartoon of all time, SpongeBob SquarePants, and his famous pineapple house at the bottom of the ‘Bikini Bottom’. And now, you don’t need to go on a quest to find Bikini Bottom since there is an exact replica of the pineapple house on land! It has everything we’d want to see, the rusty TV, a shell phone, and even a life-size replica of Gary! Created by Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana, this house is located in the Dominican Republic.

4) The “Hobbit Hole” house

Pictures: Bright Side

Simon Dale, a designer, builder, and family father decided to build an eco-friendly house in nature. The house is built from oak shavings with stone and mud walls and straw bales in the floor, walls, and roof. The electricity comes from the solar panels, the skylight in the roof provides natural light during the day, a nearby spring gives clean and fresh water, the fridge works with the underground air, roof water is used for the garden, and the toilet is used as compost.

5) The Flintstones’ house

Pictures: Bright Side

William Nicholson, an architect build a house in order to test new building materials in 1976. It was shaped like a dome and named after The Flintstones’ house because of the resemblance of the stone age home the family lives in. The house is located in California. The inside is completely white and it costs around $4,000,000.

6) The Barbie house

Pictures: Bright Side

Girls would love this! Many girls would dream about living in a fancy glittery house just like Barbie. Now, their dreams can come true as there is a “Barbie, the Dreamhouse Experience” with a size of 10,000-square-foot pink plastic doll residence in Florida. The pink house took more than 100 gallons of pink paint and 20 pounds of glitter!

7) Minnie Mouse’s house

Pictures: Bright Side

You can find this Minnie Mouse house at Mickey’s Toontown in Florida’s Disneyland and California’s Disneyland. The house may look cartoonish and unreal but inside, it is fully equipped just like a real house!

Sources: Bright Inside

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