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Food Review: What Is KFC Malaysia’s ‘Crispy Chicken Skins’ Hype All About?

Most people agree that the best part of chicken is the crispy skins, hence the popularity of thigh and drumstick parts. Kentucky Fried Chicken from all over the world has been selling chicken skins on its own for years and only this month that KFC Malaysia released the long-awaited menu.

On the 3rd of August, the fast-food chain released a video announcing their new menu, an addition to the ‘Snek Jimat’ box from 2 pm to 5 pm daily.

For only RM9.99, the set will come with a loaded potato bowl, chicken skin, and a drink of your choice.

This popular menu has previously been released in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. KFC Malaysia obviously wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Even so, in other countries, the chicken skin is sold on its own but you can only get it from a snack box in Malaysia.

The offer is only applicable for delivery or self collect using the KFC app until 11 October 2021. Do not wait any longer, go get your chicken skins today!

Source: KFC Malaysia

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