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Great Advice For Husband, 5 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Wife

There are a lot of things that could go into a happy marriage. But showing appreciation is one of the most important. Appreciation is something that everyone desires and also needs. It has a positive impact on a person’s self-esteem and overall perspective about one’s self. If you care about a person, your appreciation would mean a lot to that other person, especially towards your significant others.

Showing gratitude to your wife would be an important daily practice. If you want to boost your wife’s confidence and self-worth, then help her up by making her feel appreciated. There are several simple ways through which you can do this. These are 5 of them that you can try with her.

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1) Bring Her Breakfast In Bed

Women are quick to give but often slow to receive. A great way to help break that habit is to bring your wife breakfast in bed. If she’s not much of a morning meal person, bring her a hot cup of coffee or tea, a few slices of her favorite fruit, and maybe the morning paper. It’s the effort and consideration that matters, not what’s on the plate.

2) Exercise With Her

Is your wife an avid runner? Or maybe she likes walking, swimming or something totally different? Whatever it is your wife likes to do to get her blood pumping, ask to tag along once in awhile. Not only will she get a kick out of showing you her fitness routine, but research shows that exercising together actually increases a couple’s chance of staying together.

3) Take Over Her Chores

Give your wife a much-appreciated break from her regular chores now and then. Whether it’s tackling the mountain of laundry, washing the after-dinner dishes or giving your children their nightly baths, let her kick back and relax while you get the job done. You’ll show her you’re in this together while acknowledging just how much she truly does.

4) Practice Attentive Listening

Women tend to be natural communicators. If your wife has ever complained that you “don’t really listen” when she’s talking, give her what she’s craving: your undivided attention. Don’t look at your phone or the TV when she speaks. Instead, focus on her and, when appropriate, ask her follow-up questions to show you’re really hearing what she’s saying.

5) Bring Her Something She Loves

Find out the exact flowers your wife loves and bring her a bouquet of them for no reason at all except to say “I was thinking of you.” If she’s not a flower person, make an effort to learn the things your wife adores and find opportune moments to surprise her with them as a gift.

Sources: Mom.Com.

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