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Movie Review: ‘Insane’ Movie, A Mystery And Thriller Korean Journey

Insane is actually a 2016 South Korean mystery thriller film directed by Lee Cheol-ha. It was released in South Korea on the 7th of April 2016. It is about a woman who gets kidnapped in the middle of the day and is tortured in a psychiatric hospital. A Journalist gets on the trace of the case and tries to find out the truth.

Soo-a seems to be a normal young woman, but one bad day she is kidnapped during broad daylight and in the middle of downtown. She is taken to a psychiatric hospital, locked up, getting drugs, and is tortured. She does not know why all this is happening to her. To prevent herself from becoming insane, Soo-a secretly writes down the whole story in every detail.

What ‘Insane’ Is About

During the day and in the middle of downtown, Soo-A is taken away against her will and brought to a psychiatric hospital. She is locked up there without knowing why. She is constantly injected with drugs and undergoes cruel violence. Soo-A begins to write down in detail all of the horrific acts that take place at the psychiatric hospital.

One year later, a notebook is delivered to Nam-Soo. He works as a PD for a broadcasting station. Nam-Soo reads the notebook and feels horrified by what happened. To uncover the truth, Nam-Soo seeks out SooA. She is now in prison as a murder suspect.

What Can Be Said About ‘Insane’

The whole movie is the treat of events that are layered in each other. It is such a realistic movie that can shiver and could disgust you to an extent. Have never seen a movie like this. It is fully a delight to watch. Hats to all the artists who have made such masterpieces. It is a great movie and the ending really amazed people to watch it.

Sources: YouTube Kingdom Fansubs.

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