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(Video) Definitely Hard To Learn But These 5 Skills Will Be Useful Forever!

Most people in this whole wide world would probably choose the wrong skills that they need to learn in life and as a result, they do not get to where they wanted to be like they have planned. The best things in life may be free, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire. That’s especially the case when it comes to learning important life skills.

There are actually so many skills that one could really learn in life. Even though some of the skills are so hard to be learned and mastered, worry not because they will be useful and pay off forever in your own life. These are all the 5 skills that got mentioned.

1) Speaking Up

Speaking up in public can be so hard for many of us to do. Even the American business magnate Warren Buffett said that he was once so terrified of speaking in public that he would throw up. “In fact, I arranged my life so that I never had to get up in front of anybody”, he told his biographer Alice Schroeder. It took practicing giving speeches numerous times in front of his Dale Carnegie speaking course classmates to finally conquer his fear. “Some of it is just practice, just doing it and practicing,” Buffett said. “And it worked. That’s the most important degree I have”.

2) Listening

“Most of us in the workplace are so overwhelmed with things to do like instant messaging, phones ringing. I mean, our brain can only tolerate so much information before it snaps”, Nicole Lipkin told Business Insider. One tip for active listening is repeating back what you heard to the other person. “It makes things so much easier when everyone is on the same page”, she said.

3) Managing Your Time

There are two things that are recommended to do when it comes to time management. One is to have a weekly planning routine. During that routine, look at the week that’s just passed. Ask yourself what went well. Look at the week ahead. Choose the top three things that you’re going to do, and then plan them for your week. Then at the end of every day, do the same thing, but just for the next day.

4) Staying Present In The Moment

According to happiness researcher Matt Killingsworth, we tend not to be very good at staying present in the moment. He says that 47% of the time, people are thinking about something other than what they’re currently doing. And this is hurting our happiness. He says, “People are less happy when they’re mind-wandering no matter what they’re doing. For example, people don’t really like commuting to work very much. It’s one of their least enjoyable activities, and yet they are substantially happier when they’re focused only on their commute than when their mind is going off to something else. It’s amazing”.

5) Having Empathy

“You can be the most disciplined, brilliant, and even wealthy individual in the world, but if you don’t care for or empathize with other people, then you are basically nothing but a sociopath”, writes Kamia Taylor. Empathy, as business owner Jane Wurdwand explains, is a fundamental human ability that has too readily been forsworn by modern business. “Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel and is what makes good sales and service people truly great. Empathy as in team spirit motivates people to try harder. Empathy drives employees to push beyond their own apathy, to go bigger, because they feel something bigger than just a paycheck”, she writes.

Sources: YouTube Evan Carmichael.

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