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(Video) Important Tips For You To Know When To Change Tires

It is crucial to maintain and replace your tires once in a while especially after a long journey. Without good condition tires, you will find yourself having problems with brake, corners, and accelerating. Understandably, not everyone is good at this field but keeping useful tips regarding tire replacement could save you from another headache which is the cost. Most importantly, it can guarantee your safety on the road.

On TikTok, a local man @carlsonchia_oe shared few tips on how to know when to change your tires:

@carlsonchia_oePenting!!!Tips Tayar #TikTokGuru #tiktokmalaysia #fyp #clgroupautoservice #repair #carmalaysia #fypmalaysia #foreman #tayar♬ original sound – Boss Carlson_CL Group

1) If your tire is worn out until the three lines are not visible, it is best to get it changed as soon as possible. If not, it will put your life at risk.

2) If you have accidentally run over a nail, it is undoubted that you need to change the whole tire.

3) Every tire have their own date of birth and it will harden in time. If it has been used for over four years, it is time to change into a new one because they are likely to be worn out after years of usage.

The man explained that his intention in making the video is to spread awareness and knowledge about cars to help the people in need.

Sources:TikTok @carlsonchia_oe

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