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(Video) Wanted To Buy Recon Cars? You Might Re-Consider After Knowing The Risks

Recon cars are actually a short word for reconditioned cars. They are usually imported from other countries and then got fixed up in terms of all the faulty parts to suit the laws of the country, such as engine tuning, JPJ regulations and also other issues. They are usually brought in through APs, better known as Allowed Permit at either low or no tax.

Certified pre-owned or even reconditioned cars can be such a good middle ground between the new and also the used cars. They are cheaper than brand-new cars but slightly more expensive than the typical old used cars. Little did many people know, recon cars have their own risks that buyers would have to bear. You might want to re-consider.

@adrianchiaaaKereta recond lebih murah tapi ada risiko besar! #carmalaysia #learnontiktok #fypmalaysia

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Risks of buying recon cars:

  1. Recon cars do not exist in the factory system.
  2. Recon cars would not get the same notice as the new cars would get for any service.
  3. The factory also has the right to decline your claim for any service needed for the recon cars.

Sources: TikTok

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