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Often Confuse Visa And Touch ‘n Go Cards? This Is For You

Picture: Paul Tan's Automotive News

I believe most Malaysians own Touch ‘n Go and Visa Cards (TnG). These cards are essential in our daily lives as wherever we go, we will need to use them. For instance, if we go to a mall and want to find a parking spot, we have to take out one of these cards from our wallet.

Not just that, on any other card we own, like the Rapid card, or the Watsons card, there is a tiny Touch ‘n Go logo at the bottom. Have you noticed? This includes our Visa card.

However, some people thought that these two cards (Visa and Touch ‘n Go) are the same card.

So, let’s get enlightened by the differences between them.

Differences between Visa card and Touch ‘n Go card

Firstly, you can spot the differences in the cards’ appearance. Visa card has ‘eWallet’ written on it. Meanwhile, Touch ‘n Go may have two logos — Touch ‘n Go andTouch ‘n Go eWallet. This is because the card issuer of Visa is Touch ‘n Go eWallet while the other is Touch ‘n Go.


Picture: Lowyat. Net & Paul Tan’s Automotive News

Now, let’s move on to the uses!

A visa card can be used worldwide and online. However, Touch ‘n Go is used at selected Touch ‘n Go touchpoints. A visa card can’t act as a tool for toll payment while the other one can.

Aside from that, Touch ‘n Go card can also be used for parking and mass transit. Nevertheless, a Visa card could not for mass transit, but a yes for parking.

Get it? So convenient!

Now that you have read this, you would not get confused again!

Source: Touch ‘n Go

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