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RON95 Vs RON97, Some Differences That Many People Still Confuse

RON95 vs RON97 is definitely one of the hot topics right now. Many people have been questioning the difference between them and the type of vehicles that are suitable to use each of the petrol. Other than prices, there are indeed more differences to know.

Before starting with all the differences, people should first know the actual meaning of RON. To those who might not know, RON actually stands for Research Octane Number. It functions to measure the quality of the fuel used and also the performance rating.

Picture: BERNAMA

The differences people can easily learn between these two fuels would be from different aspects. The more you know, the better.


1) Power

Engines in cars, there are two types of them that car users need to know about. Firstly, would be the high-compression engines. The second one would be none other than the low-compression engines. For cars that use high-compression engines, it would be better for them to use the RON97 fuel. According to the Policy Street website, this is to provide optimal performance for the car. An interesting fact, high-compression fuel contains a higher octane rating. This can surely benefit the engine performance. If you are using cars with low-compression engines, RON95 fuel will be the best choice for you because it will give similar performance.

2) Environmental Friendly

According to several studies, they showed that RON97 is much more environmentally friendly than RON95. The reason would be that RON97 will burn even more completely when it is used on high-performance engines. That is what makes RON97 fuel better.

3) Mileage

The information that says RON97 fuel to improve your engine and also gives extra mileage is actually just a myth. For additional detail for a lot of people, some ways to reduce fuel consumption is by driving slowly and also to accelerate more gradually. All in all, using RON97 fuel for your own cars does not mean that it will be giving you extra mileage or even better engine performance.

Sources: Policy Street, YouTube Hasbullah Syarah.

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