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Be Fascinated With These 7 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Around The World!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream is a feeling that everyone can relate to. It’s most likely one of God’s most significant gifts to humanity. Ice cream is one of those foods that finds its way not only into everyone’s hearts but also into their souls. And the best part is you can have ice cream any time of the day! There is also National Ice Cream Day which is celebrated every third Sunday in July, this year on 19th July. How cool is that, a day meant just for ice cream.

Speaking of this frozen delight, did you know that our fondness for ice cream dates back to 400 BC? The history of ice cream is fascinating to learn about. Persians created an ice cream dish for their royal households using saffron, frozen rose water, vermicelli, and fruit circa 400 BC. Also, did you know that the ice cream we know today was formerly known as ‘Cream Ice’?! Amazing isn’t it.

With that said, ice cream is not only the usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. In fact, in the world, there are many types of ice cream flavour. By many I mean even the ‘weirdest’.

1. Goat Cheese Beat Swirl Ice Cream 

Picture: y101fm

Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado, offers this amazing combination. This creamy unique delicacy combines sweet and savoury flavours with a goat cheese base and handmade beet syrup. Samantha Kopicko, co-owner of Sweet Action Ice Cream, was inspired by her everyday breakfast to create this bizarre flavour. When asked about the flavour, Kopicko said it doesn’t taste anything like that salad, but it does strike some similarities.

2. Fish and Chip Ice Cream

Picture: Foodiggity

It’s all about the UK. As a tribute to Great Britain’s favourite national meal, the Fredericks Dairies ice cream company in the United Kingdom is offering this extremely unique favour. The Fish and Chip flavour is made out of creamed fish fillet ice cream surrounded by vanilla and pepper batter, giving it a taste of the British seashore in a lick. It’s served with salt and vinegar seasoning and lemon slices, along with potato ice cream chips. Too good to be true!

3. Oyster Ice Cream

Picture: Irish Times

Even sea delicacies are not missed. Most probably you would have read Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and would be familiar with oyster ice cream, which is the main feature at numerous oyster festivals throughout the world. Dolley Madison, the First Lady, served ice cream for the first time at the White House in the 1810s. Because ice was expensive and difficult to get by when this ice cream was originally produced, it was considered a luxury product that only the higher classes could enjoy. This savoury ice cream is prepared by slowly heating oysters and cream and then freezing the finished product.

4. Curry Ice Cream

Picture: The Nibble

In the United States, Vosges Haut Chocolat is known for its delicious and unusual offerings. Along with weird chocolate flavours like bacon bars, cold truffles, cheese and chocolate, and more, one of their most strange ice cream flavours – Indian curry flavoured ice cream. Yes, you heard that right, CURRY! It tastes just like a pleasantly flavoured curry with a hint of fresh coconut, as the Naga tribes would prepare it at home.

5. Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

Picture: Trendhunter

Let’s take it up north! Mister Artisan Ice Cream in Vancouver, British Columbia, is recognised for its handcrafted liquid nitrogen ice cream delights. The savoury smoked salmon ice cream sandwich was introduced in 2017, and it was a breakthrough invention of yet another strange ice cream flavour. It was a limited-edition dessert created to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, and it was only available for two days. Smoked wild British Columbia salmon is mixed into a foundation of milk and cream cheese and placed between two cracker crumb wafers for the smoked salmon ice cream.

6. Honey Jalapeno Pickle Ice Cream

Picture: Pinterest

Once again the weirdest ice cream creation goes to Sweet Action Ice Cream parlour in Denver, the USA. While pickles and ice cream are the known meals for pregnancy cravings, this flavour is particularly popular among expectant moms. Although it may sound strange, this ice cream is delicious. It’s one ice cream that sells like hotcakes despite only being available once a year throughout the summer.

7. Squid Ink Ice Cream

Picture: Pinterest

While odd Japanese cuisine may be one of the strangest aspects of the country for some, an intriguing approach to learn about Japanese gastronomy is through their unique ice cream flavours. Squid ink flavoured ice cream is one of these unusual flavours. Because squid ink is widely consumed in Japan, this flavour started out as a curiosity. The flavour was originally intended solely for the most adventurous ice cream eaters, but it quickly gained popularity. The squid ink ice cream has a fishy flavour and is pitch black in appearance. As a result, you’d best get your taste senses ready!

Sources: Veena World

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