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Cheese Maggots To Tuna Eyes, Here Are 8 World’s Weird Foods

Weird food is everywhere. Not just in Malaysia, but around the world. Strange cravings have also produced a variety of dishes that are hard to imagine.

Therefore, we do not have to wonder why some people love something strange in their life. This is because our thinking is different from one another.

Some of these foods you may have eaten, and for you, there is nothing strange. However, not everyone thinks as you think. Here are some weird foods that you never thought existed in the world.

1.Balut -Philippines

A duck embryo that is boiled alive in its shell. Although this is a typical Filipino dish, its appearance is not very appetizing for consumption.

2. Surstömming (stale fish) – Sweden

Herrings from the Baltic Sea are fermented with salt so they don’t get stale. The method of presentation is placed in a tin because when opened it will emit a sharp aroma. You have to consume it in an open space.

3. Tuna Eyes – Japanese

Even though it looks disgusting, it turns out it has almost the same taste as octopus or squid. Not only tuna can be taken, but the eyes can also be consumed you know.

4.1000 years of eggs – China

After it is stored in a mixture of night, ashes, and raw lime for several months. Thus, the eggs inside begin to change color as well. The yolk turns dark green or black, and the egg whites turn dark brown and jelly-like.

5. March Cheese – Italy

This cheesecake is a traditional Italian meal made from goat cheese that has been frozen for weeks, inviting the presence of surviving insect larvae. The simple language of cheeseburger cheese! The presence of these worms is said to give a stronger  flavor to the cheese.

6. Fried tarantula – Cambodia

In Cambodia, the fried tarantula is a snack that is commonly consumed by local people. How to cook it by pulling out the legs. Then soak it in MSG, sugar, and salt overnight. Then, fried in garlic seasoning.

7. Snake wine (wine snake) – China


As the name suggests this drink is made from a collection of snakes and a kind of sake that is soaked for several months. Some of these snakes are venomous, but the ethanol contained in them is very safe for consumption and is believed to be good for health.

8. Blood sausage (blood sausage) – Africa, Asia, America, and Europe

Although it can be found everywhere, many people think that this is a disgusting food. Made from frozen blood, then given natural herbs. Next, it will be put into a sausage skin. Ready to be served and cooked in any form.

Source: IdnTimes

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