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Famous Loyal Cat In Pantai Remis, Sit Adorably On Its Owner’s Shoulder

People have been talking a lot about a famous loyal cat recently. It is actually a very well-known cat in the Pantai Remis area. As been said by so many people, this cat and also its owner can be seen everywhere in the area. The main thing that people so adore about the duo is actually how loyal the cat is to the owner. The adorable cat could never be witnessed getting away from its owner.

Other than that, the cat can be seen to be enjoying the motorcycle ride with the owner. Along the journey, a lot of people capture the pictures and take videos of the cat. That is one of the reasons the famous loyal cat gains fame and popularity in Pantai Remis.

@roslizarahman76♬ bunyi asal – roslizarahman76

Looking at the comments section, a lot of netizens already recognize them. Both the adorable cat and also the owner. So amazing!

Picture: TikTok

famous loyal cat

Picture: TikTok

If you want to have the chance to meet this duo, make your way to Pantai Remis now. If you finally meet them both, do not forget to take some pictures with them. All the pictures will absolutely be such sweet memories for you to remember when you go there.

Sources: TikTok.

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