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CIMB Accounts Linked With Other Phone Than Yours? Here’s How To Check It

CIMB accounts

Issues regarding the CIMB accounts have been talked about a lot lately. This is because of several recent cases that many people have experienced losing their money. Cases were indeed severe because the money lost is in a considerable amount for them all.

Other than the case of losing money, people also are very worried about their CIMB accounts linked to other phones that are not theirs. Worry not because there is actually a simple way for people to check on the linked phone with their own CIMB accounts.

Picture: BusinessToday

This is how you can simply check the linked phone with your CIMB accounts:

  1. Open the CIMB Clicks application on your phone.
  2. Click on the ‘Setting’ option.
  3. Look at the list of ‘Other Registered Device’ in the ‘Setting’ option.
  4. Keep the phone that is yours.
  5. Get rid of the other phones that you might not use anymore or even someone else’s phone.

Even though this process is so easy to be done and does not seem important, you definitely have to do it. It will not waste any of your time or even energy to do it. At least you become more aware on all of the phones that are linked to your own bank accounts.

Sources: CIMB Clicks.

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