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Air Travel Rights! What Consumers Should Know About

air travel rights

Air travel rights are some of the things that a lot of people still do not know of. This is even though all of these people have been traveling a lot throughout their life. Knowing these rights could really help consumers in the future. Also, give them advantages.

For those who might not know, consumers actually have the entitlement to care and reimbursement. This is especially if the cancellation of a flight or rescheduling of a flight occurs. This is the time when all these air travel rights could help you a lot.

The infographic about all the rights has been posted on the Malaysian Aviation Commission website. In the helpful infographic, consumers have the entitlement to several rights according to the specific situation that occurs to them at that very moment.

1) Flight Delay Of More Than 2 Hours

For this situation, airlines supposedly provide meals, Wi-Fi access, and also call access for the consumers.

2) Flight Delay Of More Than 5 Hours

Hotel accommodation is a must for consumers if there is an overnight stay. Other than that, transport between the airplanes and also the accommodations should be provided by the airlines as well. All these are to the addition of meals, Wi-Fi access, and also phone calls.

3) Prolonged Flight Delays

This could lead to entitled care and it is according to the total hours of flight delay. This would be from the initial flight timing to the final departure time.

4) Flight Cancellations

Refund or even rerouting to the final destination under comparable transport conditions would be entitled to the consumers as well.

5) Does Not Meet The Consumer’s Purpose Of Travel

Consumers could get a refund of their ticket within 30 days. They could also have rerouting under comparable transport conditions.

It is important for all consumers to know that airlines should respond and also and resolve all the complaints from consumers within 30 days.

Sources: Twitter, Malaysian Aviation Commission

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