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Hunter X Hunter Manga Finally Returns In November

Hunter x Hunter
Picture: High On Cinema, Polygon

Hunter X Hunter fans will be glad to hear that the Hunter X Hunter manga is coming back after a 4-year hiatus.

The 37th collected book volume of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter manga, the series’ first new volume in about four years, will debut in Japan on November 4, according to the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s official Twitter account, which made the announcement on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, it is yet unknown when the new volume will be released globally.

The Hunter x Hunter manga has not seen a new chapter since its hiatus in November 2018.  Yoshihiro Togashio, the writer, frequently takes breaks from his work due to serious health concerns.

However, he started updating his Twitter account with work-related information back in May. His tweets consist of illustrations and sketches, though the majority of them did not tell anything about the future volume.

Since the beginning of the manga, it has inspired the making of two anime films, two anime television series and many original video animation (OVA) titles.

The second anime adaptation premiered from 2011 to 2014 and for 148 episodes. The 2011 anime adaptation tells the story from the beginning.

Summary of Hunter x Hunter

In the universe of Hunter X Hunter, licensed professionals known as Hunters go on imaginative adventures. The adventures include taming hazardous beasts, finding criminals, or searching for riches.

Gon, a young and extraordinarily gifted boy enrolls in the Hunter Exam in an effort to track down his father. His father is the world’s most renowned Hunter, who abandoned him when he was a little child.

Gon encounters Kurapika, the lone survivor of a horrible holocaust seeking retribution, Killua, the fugitive heir of a famed assassin family, and Leorio, a young man aspiring to become a doctor, along the journey.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump, Polygon

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