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Celebrities Shares Tributes For Queen Elizabeth II On Social Media

There are so many celebrities in this whole wide world has been remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II recently. The topic of Queen Elizabeth II is already known by so many. Sadly, the Queen died peacefully on a Thursday afternoon at Balmoral Castle.

She was indeed 96 years of age. For those who might not know, Queen Elizabeth II has already been on a total of seven decades on the throne of the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, was a longer reign than any other British monarch. An amazing fact to know.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II brings into motion a plan that will be carried out for the next 10 days. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of a 70-year-long reign, beginning in 1952. For the next 10 days, the entirety of the United Kingdom will be mourning the death of the queen, with 10 days of the solemn ceremony. This is a very important thing for the country.

Picture: CNBC

There are so many famous celebrities that keep on paying tribute to her all the time today. For example, these are some of them.

1) Nicki Minaj

2) Janet Jackson


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A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson)

3) Kim Kardashian

4) Diana Ross

5) Victoria Beckham

All in all, the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has really affected so many people in the world. May her soul rests in peace.

Sources: Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Diana Ross, Victoria Beckham.

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