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‘GerhanaSAT’ Invented By A Malaysian Confirmed As The World’s Smallest Satellite

Picture: Izmirov Yaminovich

Before this, a Malaysian company succeeded in creating the smallest satellite in the world known as ‘GerhanaSAT’. For your information, the satellite made by Independence-X Aerospace is a Fem-to class satellite (small satellite) that provides communication links to drones IoT (Internet of Thing).

It sets to launch into space as a constellation in Low Earth Orbit.


Picture: Izmirov Yaminovich

World’s smallest satellite

Recently, the Founder and Chief Executive of Independence-X Aerospace, Izmir Yamin delightfully announced on his Facebook that the Fem-to class satellite “has been validated by renowned space industry experts”. According to him, “it is smaller than the PocketQube and has similar functions, and significantly smaller than a CubeSat”.

Interestingly, he added that the satellite “has 2 versions comprised of the (SV) Space Version, measuring 30mm. While the (CV) Consumer Version measures 32mm of cube edge length.”

In his post, he even stated that the representatives from the French Space Agency (CNES), Monsieur Dr. Patrick Castillan and Monsieur Dr. Alan Gleyzes of CNES (Assistant Director of CNES) said: “This is the smallest satellite in the world that I have seen so far.”

In addition to that, the company has received multiple orders of at least 520 satellites for both variants and requests from multiple countries, mainly from Europe and the USA. This includes parts of the Middle East and Africa. They are also exporting Malaysian-made Space Tech products for the first time.

Our company always works towards creating new and cutting-edge products, and less towards following trends. We aim to be the pioneers in space technology. Femto-satellite, Re-entry Capsule Vehicle, and Net-Zero Carbon Launch Vehicle.“, said Izmir Yamin on his Facebook.

Besides that, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) of commercial space contract has been successfully signed between the company of Independence X Aerospace of Malaysia and the Netherlands, a company of SpaceBorn United B.V.

Sources: Independence-X Aerospace, Izmir Yamin

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