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The Reason Why Khairul Aming Does Not Use A Box For ‘Sambal Nyet’

Sambal Nyet
Picture: @khairulaming

Popular internet celebrity chef Khairul Aming is known for his special “Hey, what’s up guys” catchphrase and his “30 Days 30 Recipes” videos that he posts during Ramadhan every year.

The popularity of Khairul Aming grew even more with the launch of his famous “Sambal Nyet”. At the time of this writing, Sambal Nyet has sold over 1.2 million bottles on Shopee. This is an incredible achievement for a Khairul Aming.

Recently, Sambal Nyet came into the spotlight of many people as they question the way that Khairul Aming packages his Sambal Nyet bottles.

A buyer took to TikTok to voice her concern and dissatisfaction of how the bottles are only protected with layers of bubble wrap, which caused her order of Sambal Nyet to leak.

Many commented with questions on why does Khairul Aming not use a box to put for the Sambal Nyet. This will surely make the packaging safer from leaking and breaking, right?

Khairul Aming responded with a video on why he does not use a box for his Sambal Nyet.

4 Reasons why Khairul Aming does not use a box

In his video, Khairul Aming explains 4 reasons why he does not use a box for his packaging.

1. Low failure rate.

“So every week it is very rare that there are leaking issues like this”.

“If it does happen there are about two to three bottles a week out of 25,000 bottles sold,” he said while explaining the packaging of Sambal Nyet.

He said that the failure rate percentage is only 0.12%. This is very low for him to add an extra box to the sambal.

2. Time efficiency

“The second factor is due to time efficiency, for now it takes us one minute and five seconds to wrap two sambals in one package,” he said.

He stated that if additional boxes are added then a lot of time will be used. This will result in a domino effect and will cause further delays in packing the sambal.

3. Cost efficiency

“The third factor is due to cost efficiency, because a box costs 0.30 sen, 0.50 sen or RM1 depending on the size,” he explained in the video.

“If one week we sold 25,000 bottles of Sambal Nyet, this is equivalent to around 13,000 parcels. This is will cause unnecessary waste that should not happen.”

4. Making courier jobs easier

Khairul Aming said that he wanted to make it easier for parcel senders to scan the code when putting the parcel into the truck.

He explained that “we want to make it easier for the courier staff who scan our parcels”.

“We get approximately 2,000 parcels to take out in a day.”

“If we use a box, it’s a bit difficult for us to stack it in a sack so it will be high up and difficult to manage.”

Khairul Aming said that they are not susceptible to human errors as they do not use machines to pack their sambals. If buyers of Sambal Nyet has any problem, you can contact the card that comes along with your Sambal Nyet.


Ini penjelasan kenapa kita tak pakai extra kotak untuk sambal nyet. Maaf di atas kebocoran sambal dan terima kasih @CikguSamm| Coach Biz & Produk for the feedback! 😊 #makanlokal #sambalnyet

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Sources: Siakap Keli, @khairulaming

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