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Woman Share Heartfelt Video That Makes You Think Humanity Still Exists


It’s heartbreaking to see old people especially when they’re alone. You might feel that they are lonely, rejected in general, unable to properly care for themselves and a whole variety of reasons. There is also a possibility that you subconsciously know that one day you will be an older person and see yourself in this sad light.

If you happen to witness an old person alone in front of you, you will feel like helping them or maybe talking to them. This is what happens to a user of Tiktok, @capiqahnzri.

She shares a heartfelt video about an old man that she met on the roadside. In her video, she stated that when she came out of the big intersection of her place, she saw an old man walking near the side of the road holding a tree branch.


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♬ Kiss the Rain – Richard Abel

At first, she continued driving as she was unable to stop due to many cars behind her. Ultimately, she decided to turn around one more time and then went back to the place where she saw the old man walking.  Sadly, the old man still didn’t move from that path because he was having difficulties to walk.

As she felt touched looking at his condition, she offered the old man to take a ride with her car. She asked the old man where did he want to go, the old man then told her that he wanted to go the bank.

At the end of the video, she told the viewers that she didn’t intend to brag her kindness. It’s just she’s easily touched and couldn’t bear to see old people. She then reminded her viewers to appreciate their parents.

People shared their thoughts

Looking at the comments, many TikTok users praised her for her kindness.

old man

Picture: TikTok @capiqahnzri

Other TikTok users also commented that watching the video reminded them of their late grandfather.

old man

Picture: TikTok @capiqahnzri

old man

Picture: Tiktok @capiqahnzri

Sources: @capiqahnzri

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