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Always Feeling Angry? You Might Experiencing Burnout And Here’s How To Overcome It


Burnout is a normal situation that happens to a lot of people. Especially those who work from the morning up until late at night just to make ends meet for themselves and even their family. Even though it is something frequent to happen, it does not mean that it will not affect your health mentally or even physically. You should definitely know the way how to treat it when it happens.

The Facebook page of the Ministry of Health Malaysia defines burnout as, “A syndrome caused by chronic and poorly managed workplace stress”. They further explain it by stating the three symptoms that would cause you to experience burnout in your life.

  1. Feelings of extreme fatigue and not being energized enough.

  2. Negative feelings towards the work done.

  3. A decrease in the level of work quality.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia shared some easy and simple tips that you can do on your own to overcome burnout. They are:

  1. Take some time for you to rest for a while from all the work that you do.
  2. Talk to someone that you trust.
  3. Manage your own emotion positively.
  4. Give yourself a positive pep-talk that helps you to see things in a positive way.
  5. Eat nutritious food.
  6. Practice relaxation techniques like how to breathe accordingly.
  7. Get some help from the professionals like a counselor.
  8. Fell satisfied with the achievement that you have achieved. Do not post yourself too hard.

They also posted a wise word that might be helpful to many people. That is, “You did your best, respect yourself!”.

Sources: Facebook Ministry Of Health Malaysia.

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