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Bad Hair Season Alerts! Some Worst Hairstyles In World Cup History To See

The best hairstyles for some people can be seen as the worst hairstyles for other people. This is because different people would have different opinions on certain hairstyles. Especially if those hairstyles are displayed in public. Many judgments were made.

One of the famous events where people would speak out their opinion is going to be during the World Cup. Throughout all the years that the World Cup has been held, there are some seasons that you can actually witness some of the bad hair season alerts.

Picture: FIFA Ethics And Regulations Watch

Worst Hairstyles In World Cup History

1) World Cup 1998 – Taribo West

Picture: Ripples Nigeria

Even though the color green is supposed to be a calming color for the eye, his hairstyle back in the years in bright green color was not a very calming one for many people to witness. This hairstyle was obvious, obnoxious, and also looks like a big mistake.

2) World Cup 2002 – Ronaldo

Picture: 90min

This is the kind of hairstyle that a lot of people talked about negatively during the World Cup in the year 2002. According to his story, he shaved off all his hair apart from a small section at the front of his head just before his nation’s semi-final triumph over Turkey. There has been a full story about the back story of the haircut and he has apologized for it. You guys can read it here.

3) World Cup 2022 – David Beckham

Picture: The Mirror

Even though David Beckham has always been praised for his charming fashion styles and also hairstyles, one of his hairstyle decision once get criticized so badly by so many people. It was indeed during the World Cup in the year 2002. The look of it consisted of a Mohican hairstyle and also a mullet hairstyle all in one. Honestly, it was very dreadful to be looked at by the people.

4) World Cup 2002 – Christian Ziege

Picture: Miasanrot

Obviously weird looking. That is the only word that can describe this particular hairstyle by Christian Ziege during the World Cup in the year 2002. That kind of mohawk hairstyle just does not work for him. The year 2002 was a very bad year for hairstyles.

5) World Cup 2014 – Rodrigo Palacio


Picture: Daily Mail

This is surely the most bizarre hairstyle to look at and it was during the World Cup in the year 2014. He make sure that the front part of his head are cut short but he kept a small rat tail at the back. Nothing is normal for that kind of particular hairstyle.

Sources: One Football.

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