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Malaysian Father-Son Duo Traveled To More Than 20 Countries In Their Perodua Kelisa!

Pictures: Facebook Aimpro Samudra

Malaysians have been making history in many different ways recently. And this father-son duo is rewriting the ‘travelling tips 101′ from scratch as they visited more than 20 countries in their trusty Perodua Kelisa!

It’s almost hard to believe, but it’s true. They have documented their journey in a recent Facebook post shared on the Family Camping Malaysia page.

Picture: Facebook Aimpro Samudra

Aimpro Samudra, a Tampin-born gentleman, shared the journey of him and his son visiting countries in Asia and Europe. Some might think it’s nothing exciting— just a father-son duo travelling the globe together. But behold, the interesting twist of Samudra’s journey is this— they travelled from Malaysia to more than 20 countries in their old limited edition Perodua Kelisa bought in 2004!

Wheely, the father and son’s greatest travelling companion


Picture: Facebook Aimpro Samudra

Their Perodua Kelisa, known as Wheely, has been their travelling friend for all their endeavours around the world.

Wise words from Samudra: “Where the feet touch the ground, it’s where [they’ll] set up camp.”

In their Kelisa, they travelled from Malaysia to Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece etc.

Samudra’s experience in travelling to many places

Samudra shared that last week they wanted to set up a camp at the acclaimed ‘highest highway in the world’. However, the weather wasn’t on their side. Therefore, they had to reside in Wheely for shelter.

And their camping site isn’t always pretty. Sometimes, it’s near the gas station, prayer hall, and parking lots for the lorry. Yet, it’s okay— what matters most to them is these places have bathrooms.

As a traveller, Samudra has a big heart and an open mind, as he has witnessed many things during his visits. He added, everyone has their respective ways of doing things. What’s more important is we’ve achieved happiness after every step is taken.

If you’re interested to learn tidbits of travelling, do’s and don’ts, visit Aimpro Samudra’s Facebook profile or request to follow him on Instagram.

Whether it’s Perodua Kelisa or an aeroplane, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, where’s your next holiday destination?

Sources: Facebook Aimpro Samudra, Blog Kembara Aimpro Samudera, Instagram Aimpro Samudera

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