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Saudi Arabia Players Reported To Get Rolls Royce Phantom Each From Prince MbS!

Rolls Royce
Pictures: Google, AS, Freebie Supply

Saudi Arabia players are getting a Rolls Royce each? After the shocking win by Saudi Arabia against Argentina on Tuesday, some claims are circulating the internet. What are the claims? Each player will receive a Rolls Royce Phantom from the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS)!

It was indeed a historic win for the Green Falcons as they defeated a strong team led by the legendary Lionel Messi.

Saudi Arabia

Picture: World Today News

Saudi Arabia’s success against Argentina contributes another point to the team. Thus, currently, they’re leading Group C with three points, leaving Argentina, Poland and Mexico behind.

It was a day to remember as this marks the first Asian team to win against Argentina with two goals. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia also won in the opening FIFA world cup match. They defeated the Argentinian squad for the first time!

Consequently, after the glorious victory, it’s reported that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, MbS, will gift every player a Rolls Royce Phantom! It’s to commemorate their triumphant achievement at the FIFA World Cup 2022.

An Indian business, Suhel Seth, was the first to share the news on his Twitter account.

Additionally, Awab Alvi, a social media influencer and dentist, also tweeted that the players are getting a Rolls Royce Phantom each!

Congratulations to Saudi Arabia for the win! We’re hoping for more achievements from them in the future!

Sources: Davas News, World Today News, CNN Indonesia, Twitter Suhel Seth, Twitter Awab Alvi

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