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This Jealous Cat Is Upset With Its Owner For Bringing Another Cat Home!

Picture: @kaknitamanis (TikTok)

If you are a cat owner, you must have experienced your cat being upset with you. It is a cute sight to see even if it’s hard to persuade them.

A cat being upset is normal. They have feelings too and they will sure be upset. They can be upset over many things such as you being gone for a long time or feeding them too late.

Take a look at this cute cat that was upset with its owner for bringing another cat home. It will surely brighten up your day!

TikTok user @kaknitamanis uploaded a 3-minute long video of her cat being upset with her. In the video, the cat is seen meow-ing loudly at her and also hissing when she tries to pet the cat.

@kaknitamanis tries to coax her cat but it seems uninterested. The cat tries to avoid her as much a possible, even moving to another place. How adorable! The cat really unmoved by the coaxing attempts.

She has her head down and does not look at @kaknitamanis at all. Even when her husband tries to persuade her, the cat does not care at all!

TikTok users’ comments

The video has over 1.7 million views and 197k ‘likes’ on TikTok. Many were amused by the cat and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

A TikTok user also shares her experience with her cat. She said that her cat was also upset with her because she brought another cat home. Her cat were upset until it got sick and did not eat for a few days!

@kaknitamanis responded saying that her cat was jealous and took her 2 days to finally coax her.


Picture: @kaknitamanis (TikTok)

Another TikTok user commented that it was jealous because their position in the household was threatened.


Picture: @kaknitamanis (TikTok)

Check out the other comments from the TikTok video below!


Picture: @kaknitamanis (TikTok)

Watch the adorable video below:


Gara2 tumpangkan ank kucing kehilangan ibu.. Pesek merajuk.. Mulut bebel x berenti🤣🤣#fyppppp #tiktokpelitfyp #masukberandafyppp

♬ original sound – Kaknitamanis – Kaknitamanis

Source: @kaknitamanis

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