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A Malaysian Doctor’s Wife Manages The Household Even While At Work

Picture: Unsplash & @dr_chaku

A family consists of a husband, wife, and children. Sometimes, it can just consist of the husband and wife. It does not matter how many members are there in a family. What matter is being there for each other during the good and bad times?

On Twitter, @dr_chaku, or Dr. Kamarul Ariffin, shares how his wife manages the household. His wife is not a stay-at-home mother. She goes to work but still manages the household even while she is at work.

Being a mother is synonymous with the act of doing chores. And yes, @dr_chaku’s wife does all that. She looks after her children when she is not working, cooks, and cleans. Most importantly, as a working parent, she plans everything ahead, so that everything in the household will turn out smoothly.

From my two cents, I like the way @dr_chaku and his wife team up so that everything in the house is in order while she is at work. She prepares instructions that his husband can refer to when it is his time to care for the children. She is very precise with the instructions.

Again, I like how @dr_chaku admits his mistake if problems occur when he is doing the chores, referring to the instructions given. To him, his wife has done her best to plan the instruction. Thus he is the one who is responsible to follow them.


Picture: @dr_chaku

Looking at the comments, one person comments that the action done by the doctor’s wife is called ‘kinkeeping.’ According to Psychology Today, a kinkeeper is a person in the family who assists family communication, plans family gatherings, and helps the family keep in touch. Yes, I believe so too. She assists her husband so he can manage the house, including their children too! family ties can be strengthened.

Most importantly, communication is the key to a happy family.

Source: @dr_chaku (Twitter), Pyschology Today

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