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“Have You Never Entered The Kitchen Before?” A Fireman Jokingly Asked This Teacher, Netizens Were Entertained

Pictures: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha, PNGEgg

Do you remember when a group of firemen went to your school for a fire demonstration? Usually, students were excited when the fireman arrived. As if they were famous artists, students would fill the open space of the school’s field or hall to the brim! But they’re excited not for learning. They’re happy to get out of class!

Honestly, we are surprised to know some schools still do this fire demonstration segment. Since we left school many years ago, we thought this yearly event was no longer practised. We’re glad it still is.

A fireman jokingly teased this teacher

Anyhow, there’s this video on TikTok that brought us back to memory land and also brings fond laughter.


kantoi xmasuk dapur la plak🫣🫣.. abam bomba pun cover la sikit..aduuuh! 😂😅


Were you the ones who voluntarily became the test subjects? Or was it the teacher who got more enthusiastic than the students?

In the video, the teacher followed the fireman’s instructions. Firstly, after soaking the towel, the teacher removed the excess water by squeezing it. Then, when she was about to cover the fire with it, the fireman intervened, “You have to turn off the gas first.”

Clueless, the teacher examined the gas cylinder. But she didn’t know what to do next! As a teacher, she won’t let her students down. Therefore, she tried to fiddle with the valve. Then, the fireman said, “[Turn the valve] to the right, cikgu.”

Jokingly, the fireman asked, “Have you never been to the kitchen before?” and everyone roared with laughter, including the teacher!

Luckily, another fireman helped her to turn off the gas cylinder. Finally, she resumed placing the damp towel over the fire. Kudos to this cool teacher!

The teacher isn’t the only one who doesn’t know how to turn off the gas

Looking into the comment section, they are a duplicate of the teacher! Not everyone knows how to turn off the gas, even though many are members of ‘kitchen society’.


Picture: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha


Picture: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha

Yet, some know the drill. They can do it all independently! Salute!


Picture: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha


Picture: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha

Is this the effect of not paying attention during the fire demonstration? Maybe, maybe not!

Source: TikTok Cik guru atikah baha

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