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This Guy Has No Idea Why Korean Children Are So Excited Seeing Him

Picture: @xdzulmansor

Travelling to another country is always an exciting thing. The idea of going to another country is not only to travel but to gain knowledge. Through that, we can become more understanding and mindful of one’s cultures and values.

Have you travelled anywhere before? 

In a video shared by @xdzarmansor on TikTok, he and his family travelled to South Korea. This country is no stranger to us, as many Malaysians adore South Korea. The beauty of the country, the people, and of course, the food are the reasons why many Malaysians dreamt of travelling there. Not to forget, dramas and songs are also on the list.

Back to @xdzarmansor’s video, it is seen that Korean children are surrounding him and his companions next to him. Surprisingly, the children are looking very excited! But why is that? This is a question that @xdzarmansor also has in mind as he has no idea why.


sampai sekarang tak paham kenapa excited sangat dorang ni 🤣 #korean #koreantrip #winter #seoultravel #fyp

♬ original sound – dzul mansor – dzul mansor

The children approach and greet them excitedly like what we have seen in K-dramas and movies. Some of them even reveal their names.

According to the people who commented on the video, those Korean children are excited because they get to meet foreigners. From meeting them, they can practice their English communication.

Picture: @xdzulmansor

So, that is why! It is the same with some of us Malaysians. Some of us get excited seeing foreigners in our country and greet them warmly. 


Picture: @xdzulmansor

Aside can learn English, it portrays that we are fun and cool!

Source: @xdzulmansor (TikTok)

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