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Weird Choice Of Drink, This Lad Drinks Soy Sauce!

Picture: @pakabuuu

In the circle of your friends, there is always one person who has ‘weird’ behaviour. Some are ‘weird’ for the way they talk, and some may be from the way they sleep. Nevertheless, this characteristic is what makes them fun! Don’t you agree?

Before this, a video of a girl eating grain rice as a snack has been talked about by many. You can read the article here.

The girl has a very weird preference for snacks. The video shows that she eats grain rice like she has done it many times before. Surprisingly, some people have the same preference for a snack as her!

This time, from a video shared by @pakabuuu on TikTok, a lad has a ‘weird’ preference for a drink! See the video below:


Member tngh high

♬ kucing mampus – Kxcingg

The lad is drinking soy sauce! Yes, straight from the bottle! More specifically, he is drinking Mahsuri soy sauce, but the spicy one!

He was lying on the bed with his phone in his left hand. Meanwhile, his right hand is holding the soy sauce bottle. I wonder if he did really drink the soy sauce, or if he had mistaken it for a bottle of coke.

By looking at his other friends’ faces, no one seems shocked. Hence, it must be true that he is a soy sauce drinker. What a weird, but a unique choice for a drink!

Other people think so too!


Picture: @pakabuuu

Source: @pakabuuu (TikTok)

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