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Know These Three Types Of Braces From A Dentist

Picture: Dental Clinic

Going to see the dentist is every kid’s nightmare (even for some adults). Aside from advising on mouth hygiene, a dentist also treats patients’ mouth and teeth conditions for their comfort. Do you know anyone who has braces on? Do you know why they have them? According to Healthline, this thing on the teeth can adjust the positioning of the teeth and jaw. 

Can anyone wear braces? Usually, a dentist recommends patients to get braces to help with crooked teeth and, to modify the spacing between the teeth. Aside from that, it helps correct bad bite.

Now, let’s move on to the type of braces. This dentist reveals that there are three types of braces.

1) Self-ligating braces


Picture: Medford Dentist

  • When a person has this type of braces on, it is easier for them to clean their teeth and braces.
  • This braces does not include an elastic band (thus, it helps a person to clean his or her teeth better)
  • Easy and convenient.
  • Can expand a person’s jaw.

2) Conventional braces


Picture: Ridgway Dental

  • Requires a bracket, wire, and elastic band (a person can choose the colour of the band).
  • Also requires a person to extract some of the teeth (to give some space for other teeth to move).
  • A long-time treatment (usually more than 3 years)
  • Less expensive (most government clinics provide patients with this treatment)

3) Damon braces


Picture: Colgate

  • Fewer teeth extraction
  • The bracket size is smaller, thus helping a person to clean his or her teeth better.
  • The treatment period is much shorter than for those who have self-ligating and conventional braces.
  • Does not hurt much during application (The archwire used is soft and flexible).

Nowadays, there are many shops that are selling fake braces. As consequence, people who wear fake braces will get their teeth much worse. 

Thus, if you feel like you need to get braces, please seek a dentist, and they will know what type of braces suit you.

Sources: Healthline, @drirma_ariandi

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