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Mechamato Leads The Voting Poll For Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2023!

Pictures: Motherhood Story, Website Tokyo Anime Award Festival, StickPNG

Mechamato has been making waves outside Malaysia since its first movie was released last December, and it will continue to ride the fame train. It’s another proud moment for Malaysians nationwide because Mechamato is in the voting poll for the Tokyo Anime Festival Award!

As we all know, Japan is the hub of high-quality animes. They took the ‘cartoon’ idea to another level with beautifully drawn characters, an in-depth storyline and memorable soundtracks. No wonder millions of people worldwide are a fan of it!

It’s an honour to be a part of the nominees, and to be leading the pole at the number one spot is a dream coming to life!

Mechamato leads the voting poll

Last December 5th, 100 films were chosen by the audience for this award. These ‘Best 100 Chosen by Everyone’ were selected from 412 movies released in 2022 (from October 1st 2021 to September 30th 2022).

Therefore, anime lovers will vote to determine their most loved work in 2022. Interestingly, Mechamato is taking the lead!


Picture: Website Tokyo Anime Award Festival

The anime becomes a big hit in Japan

A fan from Japan shares their opinion about the Malaysian anime leading the voting at number one. Truthfully, we are very grateful to have passionate Mechamato lovers from overseas!

They say, “Through Mechamato, I learned about the wonderful culture of Malaysia and the Malay language. The world of fun [has] opened up to me. I’m looking forward to [Malaysian 3D industry] showing all kinds of wonderful things in the future!

To vote for Mechamato, you have to log into your Twitter account. Then, visit the website, and press ‘vote’. Hit the translate button on your window to understand the contents.

Thus, let’s keep voting for our iconic Amato and Mechabot duo! Malaysia boleh!

Sources: Facebook Mechamato, Website Tokyo Anime Award Festival, Twitter @neko33wan5

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