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Signals From Lorry That You Should Know For Everyone’s Safety

Picture: @thesiakapkeli & @jllmisai

Ever heard of ‘Safety first’? Yes, we should always care for our safety when we are on the road. Roads do not only consist of average-sized vehicles like cars. There are also smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bigger ones like lorries. Sometimes, we could see people too, whom we call pedestrians.

We have to be careful on the roads, not only because we care for ourselves. We care for other drivers on the roads too.

Often, we find it hard when a lorry is driving ahead of us. We cannot see other cars well to be able to pass the lorry. Thus, it is only wise to know these signals for everyone’s safety.

As shared by @jllmisai on Twitter, these are the signals that we should know:

1) Emergency lights

  • You should be aware if the emergency lights flicker.
  • These lights might mean that the lorry is unable to drive on the hilly road.
  • Thus, please stay as far as you can from the lorry.

2) Right signal light

  • When the lorry driver hints you with the right signal light, he is warning you.
  • This could mean that there are cars on the opposite side of the road.
  • Therefore, it is dangerous for you to drive pass the lorry.

3) Left signal light

  • There is no car on the opposite side of the road.
  • You are good to go.

After driving pass the lory, do not forget to thank them for helping you out!


Picture: WMUR

Source: @jllmisai (Twitter)

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