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Sixty-Four Years Together, Dying Man’s Last Message To Wife Left Many In Tears

Picture: South China Morning Post

Sixty-four years as a husband and wife must have taught these couple in northern China many things in life. Nevertheless, life must go on for the wife as his husband, aged 88, passed away last December.

Letting go of someone is never an easy thing to do. Before the husband left his long love life, he gave a message that left many in tears, especially the wife. The video has been viewed by millions of people on Douyin after being posted by a relative.

The husband was in his final moment due to an unknown illness. Still, he managed to leave his beloved a final message:

“If any grandson or daughter-in-law makes you unhappy, you shouldn’t compromise.”

Hearing the advice coming from her dying husband, the wife started weeping in agony.

She said, “I hate you. Why will you leave me alone in such a hurry?”

With tenderness, the husband gathered his strength to reach for her arm and face, calming her down. No matter how much he wanted to stay, it was just not his choice to decide.


Picture: South China Morning Post

After sixty-four years of ups and downs, the husband left his wife, and she has been crying like a child since, told the relative. The dying husband was worried that his wife would neglect her needs after his passing.

According to South China Morning Post, people who had viewed the video expressed their grief. It was a heartwrenching thing to see. Nevertheless, they also stated that they envied the love the husband and wife had for each other.

Source: South China Morning Post

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