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LCW Defines Himself As ‘The Luckiest Guy In The World’ Marrying His Wife

Picture: @leechongweiofficial

Marriage is a glorious thing. Imagine marrying someone you want to spend the rest of your life forever. Is not that what we aim for? Nevertheless, hurdles are inevitable in marriage, but life continues. Only commitment can make everyone okay again.

Talking about marriage, we really admire this loving couple, Datuk Lee Chong Wei (LCW), and his wife, Datin Wong Mew Choo. They have been married since 2012, which makes them husband and wife for almost 11 years.

Besides being known as a former Malaysian badminton player, it is safe to describe LCW as a family man. He always includes his family on any occasion. Besides that, on his Instagram or TikTok, he always updates about his family, which consists of his beautiful wife and children.

Recently, LCW uploaded on TikTok a video someone took secretly of his wife. The video portrays how a wife is always there for her husband.


Someone took this video secretly and sent the clip to me. This is a video of her , when I was sharing about the lowest point of my career. I saw this video, instantly I crumbled and cried. What else do I need in life when I have this girl ? Thank you wifey #wongmewchoo . I’m just the luckiest guy in the world. Love you ten thousand years. To all the lovely women around the world, Happy International Women’s Day! #EmbraceEquity

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While LCW is telling a story about the lowest point of his career, his wife is seen crying. Seeing how his wife reacts to the story makes LCW realize how lucky he is to have such an understanding wife. Marrying her was the best decision made.

He writes down, “Love you ten thousand years,” to indicate that he will love his wife forever.


Picture: @leechongweiofficial

Another thing that catches our eyes is that one of his sons soothes his mother when she is crying.

What a wonderful family they are!

Source: @leechongweiofficial (TikTok)

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