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Woman Owns 3 Houses By Age 34, Spent Only RM 6.65 A Day On Food

Woman Owns 3 Houses

A woman owns 3 houses by age 34. Saki Tamogami, a 37 years old woman owns three houses. Her dream was to buy three houses by the age of 34. Happy for her that she finally achieved her long-time dream! Since she was 18 years old, she made sure for her dream to come true. Thus, it took her 16 years!

But…what did she do to have three houses? According to NextShark, this Japanese woman lived a very frugal life to achieve her dream. She revealed she only spent 200 yen (RM 6.65) on food daily. With that amount of money, her main dish was udon noodles. The remainder of the money was used to buy a slice of bread with jam and fish with rice. She also spent it on a grocery on sale!


Picture: Mothership

Aside from that, she did not pamper herself with new clothes. What she did was recycle her clothes from her closest relatives. She sometimes went to a used clothes center to retrieve some clothes. Surprisingly, she also cut and sold her precious hair!

Currently, Tamogami is working in real estate. She collects rent from people who live in her properties. The 37-year-old woman also owns a cat cafe — Cafe Yunaagi from her third property. The cafe consists of rescued cats. Check out these felines here.

Source: NextShark, cafeyuunagi

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