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A Husband Solves Wife’s Complaint With A 3D Printer!

Pictures: Twitter Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan), Pinterest

Marriage allows the husband and wife to complete each other’s weaknesses. Not only that but tying the knot also enhances a couple’s strength.

A myth says that God punished humans by separating them from each other. Therefore, it’s their job to find their other half on Earth. If you have found your soulmate, we congratulate you. If not, it’s okay. They are waiting for you somewhere.

Although women are independent these days, there are things that they can’t do themselves. And this goes for men too. Hence, it’s true that a husband and wife complement each other in the best way.

The husband sprang to solve his wife’s complaint ASAP

Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan)’s wife voiced an issue that many housewives can relate to.

Their clothes racks are a bit squeaky and unstable. Even though this might look trivial to others, women are very particular about these things.

She voiced her displeasure to Ridzwan. So, how did Ridzwan come to the rescue?

He used a 3D printer to build a stabiliser for the rack!

How did he do it?

Ridzwan used his iPad to create a simple 3D modelling. It only took 10 to 15 minutes to design it.


Picture: Twitter Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan)

Then, he used a 3D printer to print out the model.

After printing, he removed the unwanted parts from the model and cleaned it well.


Picture: Twitter Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan)

Finally, he installed the supporter on the rack, and it’s squeak-free!


Picture: Twitter Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan)

Some asked: why didn’t he buy the part at stores? It was difficult to find the right size for the clothes rack at home. Therefore, by designing it himself, the support fits like Cinderella’s shoe!

He thought his creation was neat, although not as pretty as the ones sold in stores.

Honestly, we think it’s better and has more sentimental value in it.

Jokingly, Ridzwan tweeted another concern that husbands could relate to.

His wife said, “Yes, after this, maybe we could get a new clothes rack,” to which he answered, “Hold my teh tarik.”

With his creativity and love for his wife, Ridzwan might make a bigger and priceless clothes rack for her!

Source: Twitter Ridzwan. (@RidzwanMahazan)

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