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Don’t Do These 3 Things When Water Gets Into Your Ears

Picture: Fethiye Times

The ears are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Sometimes, we might get a bit too passionate while shampooing. Or when we go swimming, we submerge underwater for too long. When we do these things, the water gets into our ears.

Have you ever panicked when you suddenly couldn’t hear anything? Have you tried picking your ear or shaking your head to remove the water from your ears? Does it work? 

Maybe it does. But do you know it’s dangerous? 

These are some don’ts when your ears are full of water

1) Use cotton buds 


Picture: Fife Today

Don’t try drying your ears with cotton buds. The earwax will move deeper into the canal. Doing this also exposes bacterial infection in your ear.

2) Pick your ears with your fingers

Please, don’t do this! It’s dangerous. Picking with fingers or long nails can cause damage to the inner or outer part of your ear.

3) Let it be

You shouldn’t let the water be in your ears for long. Bacteria will infect your ear if no actions are taken.

What to do when the water gets into your ear?

1) Dry the outer part with a soft cloth or towel. 

  • Don’t insert the cloth into the canal. Dry only the outer part and the area around it.

2) Tilt your head anti-clockwise.

  • This will help the water to flow out of your ear.

3) Pull your earlobe downwards.

  • Doing this will ease the water flow.

4) Use a hair dryer

  • Point the nuzzle close to your ear and blow it dry.
  • Warning! Use only the lowest frequency!

5) Get ear drops from the pharmacy, clinic or hospital.


Picture: Treble Health

  • Use the ear drops as advised. 

However, if the condition gets severe, quickly seek help from professionals. They’ll know what to do. 

Please be careful. Don’t let the water in your ears affect your daily routine.

Sources: Twitter Dr Samhan, WebMD

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