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Kindness Is A Virtue, A Cleaner Donated 2 Dialysis Machines Worth RM80K With Own Money

Pictures: Facebook Izhar Azimat, Flaticon

Even though we see a lot of negativity in the world, kindness still prevails. It doesn’t matter if the act of kindness is small or big. Either or, it can make a difference to many people. It also shows that humility still exists in humanity.

Helping others is one of many acts of kindness. There are many ways to offer a helping hand, like donating, treating others to delicious food, or simply showing support. Kindness doesn’t always involve money.

But in today’s world, money is everything. We can’t deny that. Some use it for the bad, while some use it for good things.

Like this one pak cik named Kali, he’s indeed one in a million.

A cleaner displays kindness at his workplace

In an FB post by Izhar Azimat, a real estate agent, he shared a story of Kali, one of his clients.

Kali, or his full name, Kalipulizan, is a cleaner at a dialysis centre. He has no car and commutes to work by motorcycle.

Last year, he appointed Izhar as his agent. Kali wanted to sell his land. Izhar successfully carried out his duty and sold the land.

Curiosity guided Izhar to ask the cleaner, “What will you do with the money you earned [from selling the land]?”

Calmly, Kali answered it was for his expanses.

Surprisingly, Kali added, he wanted to buy two machines and donate them to the dialysis centre where he worked in.

A few days ago, the cleaner sent Izhar pictures of the machines he bought.


Picture: Facebook Izhar Azimat

Izhar questioned the cost, and Kali answered RM80,000.

Kali still works at the centre where he gave the machines.

Wow. If this isn’t kindness, then we don’t know what is.

Malaysians agree Kali might be the next hero

It’s a heartwarming sharing by Izhar. Not everyone wants to do what Kali did. Even though some get better pay than Kali, not many want to spend their money like this.


Picture: Facebook Izhar Azimat


Picture: Facebook Izhar Azimat

We hope this inspires everyone to do good deeds. The reward will be massive because kindness doesn’t always require a huge chunk of money.

Source: Facebook Izhar Azimat

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