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Malaysians Discover The Best Feature In The New MyJPJ, Irresponsible Drivers Beware!

Pictures: Facebook Kamarul Ariffin Nor Sadan, Twitter @asrulmm

Earlier this year, Anthony Loke promised a vital change to road tax stickers, and that’s MyJPJ. He acknowledged the low quality of road tax stickers. The Transport Minister affirmed it was in their observation for a long time. 

Malaysians no longer have to worry about the sticker peeling off by itself. Introducing the MyJPJ app creates less hassle for many car users. Not only that but there are more advantages to this mobile application.

Motorists get the benefits too. Now, they can use LKM Digital (e-LKM) and LMM Digital (E-LMM), which is also accessible via the mobile app. Isn’t it easy?

Since the minister introduced this new app, Malaysians have been keen to explore the ‘portable’ road tax application. There’s this one feature that everyone thinks is the greatest addition to the app. What is it?

e-Aduan@JPJ is the best feature in the MyJPJ app!

Scrolling through Twitter, we see many Malaysians liking this feature in MyJPJ. It’s no other than e-Aduan@JPJ!

What is this feature about? According to the app users, if there are any rowdy drivers on the road or anyone who breaks the rules, you can file a complaint directly!

The list of complaints is as follows:

  • Incompliance with the traffic light
  • Driving in the emergency lane
  • Skipping the line
  • Overtake at the left lane
  • Next, overtake at the double lane
  • Using the phone while driving
  • Fancy plate numbers
  • Overly-tinted windows
  • Not wearing seatbelt

Additionally, this feature allows you to include pictures with a maximum of 20MB. You can attach a video too! After that, add the date, time, location and other details, and it’s all good to go!


Picture: Twitter @MirulHaziqRadzi

It’s easier to detect anyone who disobeys the driving and road rules. We hope immediate actions will be taken once the complaint is issued.

Have you downloaded MyJPJ? What say you? 

Sources: Twitter, Twitter BFM News

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