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There Are Water Bottles That Allow You To Drink Plain Water, But With Flavourful Scents

Picture: Packaging World

For people who have a dry throat, water bottles are essential for them to bring anywhere. They are convenient to store water, and people can drink from them anywhere at any time.

In our modern world these days, there are many types of water bottles like tumblers or thermos and more. People can keep cold or hot, sugary or plain drinks in there. But…sugary drinks are not really good for our health, right?

There is no need to worry about that now. Do you know that there are water bottles that allow you to drink plain water, but with flavourful scents?

It is a good thing for someone who is on a diet, but cannot help from wanting to drink aside from plain water!

The water bottles are originated from a bachelor’s thesis! Now, the water bottles have been sold in several European countries and have come to the United States.


Picture: packaging World

The creation is called ‘The Air Up.’ ‘The Air Up’ includes a refillable water bottle and flavour pods. The pods are available in a variety of colours and flavors.

“We knew hydration was essential for supporting our overall health and well-being, and most of us vastly underestimate how much we actually need. With Air Up, we saw an opportunity to inspire change and delight the world with revolutionary and exciting scent-based taste experiences.” – Lena Jüngst and Tim Jäger (The founders of ‘The Air Up’)

Source: Packaging World

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