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Who Remembers This Original ‘Menu Rahmah’ But Cheaper?

Picture: @SyedAkramin

Menu Rahmah‘ is an initiative by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost Living (KPDN) to provide a cheap meal for Malaysians. Malaysians can buy this meal for lunch or dinner for only RM4.90! The price is considered cheap as the meal provided is balanced with carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables!

This initiative helps those who need to search for cheap, but balanced food. As many stalls are now implementing ‘Menu Rahmah,’ fast food chains across Malaysia are starting to do the same too!

On Twitter, we came across a tweet where @SyedAkramin shares a picture of the ‘original Menu Rahmah’ once upon a time.

Recognize this food?

Yes, it is called ‘nasi bujang’ or roughly translated in English as ‘single rice.’ It used to be the ‘Menu Rahmah’ for Malaysians (but cheaper), especially at the end of the month. You know why, right?

The meal usually consists of white rice, an omelette, ‘sambal belacan,’ soup, and cucumber. If you are lucky enough, instead of getting the soup, you will get ‘tom yam.’ It may look simple, but it is so good!

Many Twitter users reminisce about the time when ‘nasi bujang’ became their lifesaver during their ‘frugal’ days:

That was before. Now, ‘nasi bujang’s price has increased. In some places, it costs higher than the now ‘Menu Rahmah.’ 

Whatever it is, thanks for the memories ‘nasi bujang.’

Source: @SyedAkramin (Twitter)

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